The duties of a realtor to a buyer include the selection of the property, which means you need to find suitable properties, ring them up and schedule viewings and identify the no match ones. Once you hire me, I will be sending you accurate lists of available listings that match your needs and budget.

Next step is to agree on the one property that you like. And as soon as a property is chosen, the second phase will begin. Negotiating, making a deposit, forming contracts, trace transactions, inspections, registration of documents, working with attorneys, etc. You have to agree, this does not happen in a matter of minutes. When you hire me, you are buying your time.

With regards to money, I would like to note that as a realtor I am a professional and I will always act in the interests of my client, that’s why I will bargain competently for you. The word “competently” is not accidentally used here. Everyone knows how to bargain, but very few people know how to master it. With a good scenario, the price of chosen property can be lowered by several thousand dollars. Sometimes, in the case of expensive properties, could be lowered by tens of thousands.

Understanding of current market conditions, market analysis real estate headlines and what it means to you as a buyer or a seller is not easy. As an expert I will help you understand today’s real estate market and help you set up the right price.

As you can see, a realtor has plenty of functions and it cannot be said that these are unnecessary figures in the operations of buying / selling real estate.

When asking for my help, you can really begin to appreciate the work, because I will always act in your interests. I work with you for you, so we could reach your goals together. Your dream is my dream. I’ll do whatever it takes to realize your goals because to me your win is my win. And that’s why I’m the best.

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