It’s only natural that you’re anxious to buy your home. Be prepared. Do your own research as well and figure out what is it exactly that you want to find. Be clear about what your needs are vs. your likes when it comes to narrowing down a property search. Ask questions, learn more about the ins and outs and the community you want to buy in. know what to expect and let your expectations be known. 

First thing you need to do is find out what your buying power is. Whether you’re buying cash or need financing, you need to set up your budget. In case of financing, get a pre-approval letter which states how much you can actually afford based on your credit and income. A pre-approval shows that you’re a serious buyer. Of course, you can give your realtor a price range, but if you haven’t been approved for a home loan, he or she won’t know whether you can actually afford houses in that range or not. Besides, when making an offer on a property, most sellers won’t even consider your offer if budget is not verified. 

Yes, that’s done, now you can actually set yourself to unwind knowing that your agent is just as interested in finding your dream home as you are and probably even more. After all, this is their life and there’s no paycheck until a deal closes.

Try not to be excessive when working with your realtor. It is essential to understand that you’re not your agent’s only client and that he or she is a human being with a personal life, so don’t get mad if they don’t answer your email, text or call right away. Never assume that they should be available to you whenever you feel like it. No one appreciates midnight calls. Regarding showings, try to make yourself available to see the home that might be just what you’re looking for. Some homes sell so fast that if you missed a showing, it would probably go to the buyer who didn’t. A little flexibility on your part goes a long way.

Buying a home can be frustrating and stressful for many reasons. It can take weeks and sometimes months to locate the right one. When you do find the perfect property, do not hesitate to make a solid offer right away. Take your agent’s recommendation. Trust that your agent knows what he or she is talking about. In the case of multiple offers, there’s a good chance that the seller will go with another buyer, if your offer isn’t the best on the table. 

You hired an agent for a reason. Let your agent negotiate the best deal for you. Negotiating a price on a property is an art that one needs to master to be able to get the best deal. There is a right and a wrong way to play this game, and if you start off on the wrong foot, you might turn off the seller and get your offer ignored completely.

No one can predict exactly how long it’ll take to find and buy a home. A good realtor not only knows this fact but also understands the frustration it can cause. Therefore, they often go above and beyond to keep you happy. Unfortunately, if the process takes longer than expected, a stressed-out home buyer tends to vent their frustration to their agent. Remember, your agent is there to help you. Try not to blame your agent for problems out of their control.

Your realtor works hard for you to help you reach your goals, so it isn’t asking much to be loyal in return. If you decide you need a different agent for whatever reason, don’t go behind their back. Be open and speak up what’s on your mind. Talk to your realtor, express your concerns freely and discuss the problem, and if eventually you both decide to part ways after your discussion, then by all means you are free to search for another agent.

In conclusion, your relationship with your realtor should be based on trust and mutual understanding, respect and loyalty. Being open and honest from the get go is the best way to do business, always. So whether you’re buying or selling a home, a real estate agent can be your best friend and the person to go to for all your future real estate inquiries.  

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